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Getting an inspection requires making an appointment.

Permits usually have at least two inspections - a rough and a final. Most inspections should be scheduled by 2:00 pm the day before the inspection is required

To set up an inspection, call the inspection line at (734) 453-3840 Ext. 339.

Hours of operation for inspections:

Building - Monday through Friday

Electrical - Tuesday and Thursday after 2:00PM

Mechanical - Tuesday and Thursday between 4-8:00PM

Plumbing - Tuesday and Thursday between 11:00-1:00

You must call in your inspection by 2:00PM the day before you would like it. We have no inspectors that work directly for us; we have to fax all requests the day before.

These hours are maintained to the best of our ability with the understanding that education classes come up, vacation time comes up, sick time, etc…