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Clerk's Office

Nancy Conzelman

Passport applications are now being accepted at the Clerk's office.


9955 N. Haggerty Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
First Floor

(Northwest Corner of Ann Arbor Road & Haggerty)


We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.


1.  Keep and maintain all official Township records.

  • All original records are kept on file in the Clerk’s Office. This includes Township policies, procedures, ordinances, resolutions, easements, vehicle titles, special assessment district petitions, tax abatement requests and many other documents. We employ a Records Manager who is generally able to quickly locate scanned images of Township documents as needed for the public.

2.  Required signer, along with Township Supervisor, on all Township contracts.

  • This includes employee agreements, contracts for services, and any other legal document.

3.  Accounts Payable

  • We are responsible for preparing, submitting and disbursing all accounts payable. We employ two full time accountants to process the payables and all other necessary financial information pertinent to the Clerk’s responsibilities. I am one of the two required signers on all Township checks. This includes payables and payroll checks.

4.  Preparation and maintenance of all Board of Trustee meeting agendas and official minutes. Also maintain all Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas and Minutes.

  • This office is responsible for preparing and distributing agendas for all Charter Township of Plymouth Board Meetings, to include special meetings. We also prepare the packets of information necessary for all elected officials to come to the meetings prepared and informed on the issues before the Board.
  • After the meeting, we prepare the official minutes and publish them in accordance with the law.  We post all meeting notices, including special meetings and meeting cancellations.  All postings are done in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

5.  Secretary to the Civil Service Commission and keeper of all related records.

  • I serve as the Secretary to the Civil Service Commission for all matters. We post and distribute all meeting notices, agendas, minutes and official eligibility lists for position openings in the Fire Department. We maintain an eligibility list for new hire Firefighters and promotional lists for Lieutenant, Captain and Assistant Fire Chief. Our fire department is the only department in Plymouth Township covered under the State of Michigan Civil Service Act 78. This Act was adopted after receiving a majority vote of the people and governs all hiring, firing, promotions and suspensions for all Fire Department personnel.
  • The Civil Service Commission is comprised of three appointed members, all of whom must be Plymouth Township residents. Act 78 stipulates that one member is chosen by the Township, one member is chosen by the Firefighters, and one member is chosen jointly between them.

6.  Issue Business Licenses for all solicitors, peddlers, junk yards, used car lots, mechanical and amusement devices, solid waste disposal, precious gem dealers, Christmas tree sales and ice cream vendors.

  • Plymouth Township Ordinances require, on an annual basis, that owners of junk yards, used car lots, mechanical and amusement devices, solid waste disposal companies and precious gem dealers be licensed through the Clerk’s Office.
  • By Township Ordinances, peddlers and solicitors must obtain a license from the Clerk’s Office before the company or individual begins selling his wares door-to-door. (Please refer to the Forms and Permits page for these license applications) Ask to see the license. A provision in the Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance states that "It shall be unlawful for an individual, group, association, partnership or corporation to engage in solicitation or peddling at any time on premises where the property owner, or person in control of the property, has clearly posted a notice that solicitors and peddlers are prohibited or otherwise not allowed." Any individual issued a license from this office is informed of this provision in the ordinance. If peddlers or solicitors ignore the posted sign, a call to the police department at (734) 354-3232 with the complaint should alleviate the problem.

7.  All local, county, state and federal elections.  Please refer to the Election Page for additional forms and information regarding current election schedule.

8.  Process Freedom of Information Act requests

  • The Clerk's office is responsible for processing all freedom of information act requests. Upon receipt of a request, we route the document to the proper department for review and follow-up, all within the time limits as specified in the Act. In the event we are unable to respond within the specified time, we make a request of the applicant for an extended period of time with an explanation for same. Please refer to the Forms and Permits page for this form)

9.  Publication of all legal notices, documents, and meeting minutes.

  • The Clerk's office is responsible for the publication of all legal notices, documents and Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes in a local newspaper. We utilize the services of the Plymouth Observer and Eccentric Newspaper.  Employment notices are placed in the Plymouth Observer Newspaper.

10. Requests for Industrial Development Districts, Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificates (Tax Abatements), and Speculative Building Status

  • A letter requesting establishment of an Industrial Development District and signed by an authorized representative of the company must be submitted to the Township Clerk prior to Board consideration. A complete legal description and a drawing of the property depicting the proposed district boundaries is required.

Please refer to the Forms and Permits page for the application, a copy of the required contract and a checklist of required backup materials.


We perform our duties in a team oriented environment so that we can best serve the needs of the citizens. Please refer to the following list for staff names and telephone numbers. We are here to serve you and look forward to helping you in any way we can. If you encounter any problems or concerns, please contact me directly.

Nancy Conzelman, Clerk
(734) 354-3224

Michelle Lozier, Deputy Clerk
(734) 354-3228

Diane Leclair, Records Manager
(734) 354-3225

Administrative Assistant
(734) 354-3229

Ronald Berry, Accountant
(734) 354-3227

Gail Glennie, Accounts Payable
(734) 354-3260

Clerk's Office Fax#

Alice Geletzke, Recording Secretary