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Meeting Room Use


Charter Township of Plymouth
9955 N. Haggerty Road

  • Town Hall (Seating Capacity = 65)
  • Multi-function Room (Capacity = 35)
  • Clerk's Conference Room (Capacity = 8)

To reserve a meeting room please call the Clerk’s Office, at (734) 354-3228. The meeting rooms are available to Plymouth Township homeowner associations and non-profit organizations.

There is no fee to use the meeting rooms.

There are restrictions:

  1. No smoking allowed within any Township Building, including the meeting rooms.
  2. The meeting rooms can be rearranged to suit the group or organization needs, however it is mandatory that the room is returned to its established layout.
  3. All garbage, cups, pop cans, etc. must be picked up and disposed of.

Failure to comply with the above conditions could cause the loss of future use by any organization or group responsible.

Obtaining access to the meeting rooms after township hours will be explained when reserving the room. Be sure to ask.

Every group using a meeting room is made aware that should a Township emergency arise that would require any Township Board or Commission to use said meeting room, the reservation could be cancelled, even at the last minute. We would do our best to let the contact person know as soon as possible should that happen.