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Fire Department

Chief Mark Wendel







Mark Wendel
Fire Chief

 The Plymouth Community Fire Department provides Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the Township of Plymouth. These services are provided from two fire stations located within an 18 square mile area.

All full-time Firefighter/Paramedics are fully trained in Advanced Life Support (ALS) which enables them to perform critical, initial emergency medical procedures at the emergency scene.

It is the responsibility of the Plymouth Community Fire Department to work with the residential, commercial, and industrial communities to make Plymouth Township a safe place to work and live.


Plymouth Township Fire Station 1
Fire Station #1 (Headquarters)
9911 N. Haggerty Road
Business Phone: (734) 354-3230


Plymouth Township Fire Station 3
Fire Station #3
13600 Beck Road
Business Phone: (734) 453-3669

Department Staffing

1 - Fire Chief
1 - Fire Inspector
1 - Administrative Secretary
1 - Captain
6 - Lieutenants
11 - Full-time Firefighter/Paramedics
7 - Paid On-call part-time Firefighters

Plymouth Township Fire Department EngineMission and Responsibilities


The mission of the Plymouth Community Fire Department is to ensure the protection of life and property by providing Fire Suppression, Rescue Operations, Paramedic Services, Hazardous Materials Response, Emergency Management Services, Environmental Emergency Mitigation, and Fire Investigations.

Area of Operation:

The Plymouth Community Fire Department is charged with first response to emergencies within the boundaries of Plymouth Township to include fire, Emergency Medical Services, Vehicle Extrication, and Natural and Man-made disasters.

Fire Suppression:

The Department operates out of 2 fire stations with 18 full-time firefighter/paramedics and 7 Part-time Firefighters.

Emergency Medical:

The department has 12 officers and firefighters, who are fully trained and certified as paramedics trained in Advanced Life Support procedures and are the first to respond to all medical emergencies in Plymouth Township.

Fire Prevention:

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts fire code safety inspections of all businesses in Plymouth Township.

The department has 1 fire inspector who is responsible for reviewing/approving site plans and building construction plans.

Township Response Figures for 2013

Total Fire Related Runs 789
Total Emergency Medical Runs 1,795
Total Runs for the year 2,584


Mark Wendel, Chief
(734) 354-3220

William Conroy, Fire Inspector
(734) 354-3219

Nancy Jowsey, Administrative Secretary
(734) 354-3221

Shift Officer, Station One
(734) 354-3230

Fire Department Administrative Offices Fax #
(734) 354-9672

Fire Station 1 Fax # - Captains Desk
(734) 414-1533