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Department of Public Services Fact Sheets

FACT SHEET OF THE MONTH - Curbside Recycling

DPS Series
Guide DPS - 1 - Mosquito Control
Water Department Series
Guide 1 - Keep Water Rates in Check
Community Forestry Series
These fact sheets offer answers to questions regarding the monetary benefits of planting trees
on your property and proper planting techniques
CFS-1 - Trees Have Many Benefits
CFS-2 - Choosing and Planting a New Tree
Rouge River Series
Plymouth Township is one of 48 communities that lies within the Rouge River Watershed. Our
everyday actions can have a negative or positive effect on the river and the land around it.
Learn more about the river and how you and your family can help to keep this wonderful resource
healthy and clean for many generations to come.
Guide RRS 1 - Rock Salt Alternatives
Guide RRS 2 - River Friendly Lawn Care
Guide RRS 3 - Backyard Composting
Guide RRS 4 - Benefits of Native Plants
Guide RRS 5 - Your Septic System and the Rouge River
Guide RRS 6 - Turn your Autumn Lawn Leaves into a Beautiful Summer Lawn
Talking Trash Series
Helpful information regarding trash, recycling, yard waste, and household hazardous waste
disposal options in Plymouth Township.
Guide TTS 1.1 - Curbside Recycling in Plymouth Township
Guide TTS 2 – Compact Fluorescent Light Disposal

Guide TTS 3 - Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Guide TTS 4 - Disposal of Non-Hazardous Items NOT Taken Curdside
Guide TTS 5 - Holiday Waste Reduction Ideas
Guide TTS 6  – Batteries, your Family, our Environment
Guide TTS 7 - Electronics Disposal
Guide TTS 8 - Paint Disposal
Guide TTS 9 - Medication and Syringe Disposal
Guide TTS 10 - Curbside Etiquette