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Street Maintenance

All the roads in the Township are under the operation and maintenance jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, County of Wayne or private entities. Call 1-888-762-3273 to report pot holes.

Street Sweeping

We sweep all local roads twice a year during the months of April through October. Leaves are not picked up by the Township as part of the street sweeping program.  Click here to view street sweeping tentative schedule  and route map.


The Township contracts with the County of Wayne for chloriding of gravel roads. Chloride acts as a dust inhibitor and solidifies the road base.

Snow Removal, Grading, Salting

The County of Wayne is responsible for all of the above on public roads. We act as a liaison for customer complaints.

Traffic Signals and Signs

We act as a liaison with the State of Michigan and Wayne County for the repair and replacement of the above.

Street Lighting

The DPW takes reports of burned out streetlights and reports them to Detroit Edison. The DPW processes requests for new streetlights located on main road intersections to subdivisions and special sites.


The Township has a sidewalk ordinance and a sidewalk repair and replacement program.  Please call the office if you have a question about who is responsible for a sidewalk repair.