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Winter Tax Bill

Winter Taxes will be mailed on December 1.  Winter Taxes are due beginning December 1, 2014 and are payable through February 17, 2015 without penalty.  If you have a name or address change, please write in changes on the front of the payment copy.  If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company please check the box above Taxpayer's Copy.  If this information is incorrect, please notify your mortgage company immediately. 

Table Corner Code Description Table Corner
  Township Charter Township of Plymouth Operating Millage  
  Police/Fire Charter Township of Plymouth Police/Fire Millage approved by voters in 2005.  
  Fire Charter Township of Plymouth Fire Millage  
  Jail Wayne County Jail Millage  
  WC Parks Wayne County Parks Millage  
  HCMA Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority (Parks)  
  Library Plymouth District Library Millage for Operations and Building  
  WC Drain Wayne County Drain Assessment  
  WC Zoo Wayne County Zoo Authority  
  DIA Detroit Institute of Arts  
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