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We have compiled a list of tips to help prevent pollution in the Rouge River.

1.  Maintaining lawns and gardens
     Keep fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides off paved
     surfaces and out of drainage paths. When choosing a
     fertilizer, select a slow-release formula.  Click here for more
     information on maintaining lawn and gardens to reduce pollution.

2.  Winter snow removal tips
     Road salt can be harmful to the river, plants and
     animals. Click here for river friendly snow and ice
     removal tips.

3.  Landscape with native plants/avoid invasive plants
     Native plants save time and money. Click here for more information 
     on the use of native plants and avoiding invasive plants.

4.  Washing your automobile
     Direct polluted wash water away from streets and storm
     drains. Wash your car on your lawn or better--go to a
     car wash.

5.  Repairing your Automobile
     Repair vehicles only in areas where leaks and spills
     cannot flow toward storm drains, or better--take it to a

6.  Caring for pets and other animals
     Clean up animal waste before it rains. Throw it in the
     trash or flush it down the toilet.

7.  Disconnecting /Redirecting Downspouts
     Disconnect downspouts from sewer systems. Direct
     them into a vegetated area away from building

8.  Cleaning up spills and leaks
     Do not use your hose as a broom. Do not wash or
     sweep debris, spilled or leaked materials into storm

9.  Managing household hazardous waste
     Properly dispose of household hazardous waste and
     call your local community to find out if they have a
     collection day. Use non-toxic alternatives when
     possible. Click here for more information about
     household hazardous waste.

10.  Installing and repairing plumbing
      Connect plumbing in your home to the sanitary sewer
      only, not to the storm drains.

11. Installing driveways, walkways and patios
      Use paving materials that are porous and/or sloped
      toward vegetated areas.

12. Maintaining septic systems
      Operate, maintain and clean septic systems properly.
      Hook up to a sanitary sewer where available.  Click here for more

13. Travel Trailer Waste
      Protect the environment while you enjoy it! Make sure
      you dispose of waste properly and take it to a disposal
      facility. Empty your tanks before you leave each
      campground/resort. Do NOT dump the waste into a
      storm drain! 
     For locations throughout Michigan visit www.rvdumps.com/mi

14. Fats, Oil and Grease
      Referred to as FOG, Fats, Oil and Grease in sewer pipes can
      create pollution problems for the Rouge River.  Click here to learn

For more information on preventing pollution to the Rouge River, call the Rouge Information Line at (888) 223-2363 or visit our web site at www.rougeriver.com