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How do residents contribute to storm drain pollution?
Every time residents dump substances like oil or anti-freeze down the storm drain they are polluting the Rouge River. But it's more than that. Storm drain pollution also includes polluted storm water runoff that enters the drain during a rainstorm or snowmelt. This water picks up pollutants found in fertilizers, pesticides, oil and grease from cars, and bacteria from pet wastes. Remember water that enters storm drains directly discharges into the Rouge River.

It doesn't mean we have to block our storm drains and not let any water enter them. After all, that's why we have storm drains. What we can do is make some small changes in our daily habits to reduce pollution coming into the river. If everyone makes a few of these changes, it will have a big impact on the River.

StormDrainMarkingVolunteers Wanted!
Help get the word out about storm drains and pollution of the Rouge River by marking the storm drains in your neighborhood! Contact the Division of Public Services for more information at 734-354-3270 ext. 4.

If you come across a situation where you believe pollutants are entering the storm drains please call the Plymouth Township Department of Public Services immediately at (734) 354-3270 or the Wayne County 24-Hour Hotline at (888) 223-2363.

For more information write to:
Storm Drains Aren't Garbage Cans Campaign
c/o 660 Plaza Dr., Suite 1900
Detroit, MI 48226