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The mission of the Plymouth Community Communications Center is to provide an efficient and effective communications response to emergency calls for public service and to offer quality community service information to its citizens.

The Plymouth Community Communications Center (PCCC) serves the Plymouth communities of both Township and City. Among its many disciplines the primary and most important is the safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors of the Plymouth communities. The PCCC receives many calls-for-service (CFS) and the Telecommunicators must differentiate among the responding sources whether they be Police, Fire or Rescue for dispatching applicability. They also handle many E9-1-1 calls during a shift and according to the questions they ask the callers and the responses received, they will determine the level of emergency and the correct resource to dispatch. The role of a Telecommunicator/Dispatcher/Police Service Aide (PSA) is multifaceted and demands an excellent multitasking ability. Besides dispatching calls-for service, they function as Police Service Aides by initially processing prisoners who have been arrested, thus providing more time on the streets for the Officers.  This ability to perform many varying disciplines places a heavy demand on the PCCC employees.

Many fail to realize the fact that the Dispatcher is the first, first responder and first on the scene. It’s the Dispatcher who obtains the initial information and keeps track of the officer’s status, making sure they are safe once they are on the scene. We are the officers’ lifeline and ensure that they return home after their shifts. 

The following link will provide information on what to expect when you dial 911:
911 Tips

911 Guidelines

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