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It is the policy of the Plymouth Township Police Department to recognize and acknowledge acts of heroism, noteworthy performance and exemplary service by Department members, employees of other police agencies, and private citizens who render a public service in the area of law enforcement. In order to facilitate this effort the Charter Township of Plymouth Police Department has formed an Awards Board to review Michigan Associations of Chiefs of Police (M.A.C.P.) and Department award nominations. The Board is given the responsibility to recommend individuals for the various awards based on set M.A.C.P. and Department criteria.

Certificate of Merit
To be awarded for outstanding performance of duty under unusual or difficult conditions. The action need not involve exposure to physical danger, but must involve unusual thoroughness, conscientiousness, determination, and initiative. Or, meritorious action of a nature that would not be eligible for a higher award. OR, (To an officer of another law enforcement agency) if earned while aiding, assisting, or working in conjunction with an officer of awarding department.

Departmental Citation
To be awarded for outstanding performance of a difficult task involving personal risk to the officer’s safety when, because of the officer’s action, a serious crime is prevented or the perpetrator is apprehended. Or, outstanding contributions to law enforcement through the success of difficult police programs, projects or situations, such contributions being made at a high degree of professional excellence. Or, other outstanding actions of a nature that bring positive credit to the department and its members.

Individual Commendation
May be presented to police officers or civilian personnel who have per-formed efficient and valuable service to the department, either in carrying out a specific task, or in the performance of general duties over an extended period of time.

Civilian Commendation
For presentation to individuals or organizations who have supported department, or who have made major significant contributions to the cause of good law enforcement.

Civilian Citation
May be awarded to civilians whose actions result in: The prevention or solution of a serious crime. Or, the apprehension of a dangerous criminal. Or, Other meritorious action such as life saving or assistance to an officer with disregard for the recipient’s personal safety.