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The Plymouth Township Police Department is promoting Gun Safety by issuing "Free" gunlocks to Plymouth Township Residents. The Plymouth Township Police department is purchasing several gunlocks to start the program. However, we are looking for any business or civic group to help defray the cost in the near future. The following are guidelines for the issuance of gun safety locks:

1. Gun safety locks may be issued to any Plymouth Township resident free of charge. The resident must show proof of residency. Gun safety locks will be limited to two per year.

2. Upon the completion of a "new" gun inspection, a Township resident is eligible to receive a gun safety lock.

Gun Violence
Each year misuse of firearms and gun violence results in the injury and death of thousands of people. To address this problem, the Plymouth Township Police are seeking to take a leadership role in the implementation of gun safety.

The Problem
Many gun injuries involve people who know each other. Victims are often children playing with guns they assume aren’t loaded. Children and adults should assume all guns are loaded and ready to fire.

Talking To Your Kids
There is no particular age to talk with your child about gun safety. A good time to introduce the subject is the first time he/she shows an interest in firearms, even toy guns or rifles. Talking openly and honestly about gun safety with your child is usually more effective than just ordering him or her to "stay away from the gun closet’ and leaving it at that.

Prevention Recommendations

Properly stored firearms kept in the home should be:

  • unloaded
  • locked in a gun safe, a strongbox or other secured container
  • secured firearms should have either a trigger lock, barrel lock or cylinder lock
  • ammunition should be stored separately from the gun(s)
  • out of sight and reach of children