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The Plymouth Township Police Department currently has a Lieutenant that supervises three Detectives; A Youth Detective assigned to the middle schools as a School Resource Officer, is responsible for investigating crimes that involve local youths. We also have one Detective who is responsible for investigating adult criminal activity. One Officer has been assigned to the recently created Community Response Team (CRT), which is a multi-jurisdictional unit with members from state, county and local agencies. The CRT responds to requests from our agency to help investigate crimes that may require surveillance, locating suspects, and apprehending suspects outside the Townships jurisdiction.

When an individual reports a crime to our department a Patrol Officer will perform the initial preliminary investigation. The incident report flows through the Patrol Sergeants to the Detective Lieutenant (D/Lt). 

Our major investigations ranged from Home Invasion, Armed Robberies, and Criminal Sexual Conduct to Identity Thefts/Frauds.


If your wallet/purse happen to be stolen or lost the following is a list of things that you can do to minimize the loss, and to assist in our investigation.

1. Make a photo-copy of what items are in your wallet/purse (this will help
    with the notification process if the wallet/purse is stolen/lost).

2. Contact the credit/debit card company immediately of the stolen/lost

3. Contact the credit report companies (Equifax- 800 525-6285, 
    Experian- 888 397-3742, Trans Union- 800 680-7289).

4. Contact the Secretary of State of the lost Identification.

The Detectives would like to stress the importance to homeowners/business owners to record serial numbers off items that are commonly stolen, i.e. CD players, power tools, bikes. Recording the serial number allows officers the ability to enter the item into the national computer database. Officers across the state can enter numbers from recovered property and return it to the rightful owner as well as proceeding with criminal charges against the individual(s) in possession of the stolen property