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 Lieutenant Robert Antal  Commander
 Sergeant Mark Hoffman                Patrol Sergeant
 Sergeant Ryan Krebs  Patrol Sergeant
 Sergeant Dan Kudra         Patrol Sergeant
 Sergeant Todd Seipenko     Patrol Sergeant

Patrol Operations Unit

The Patrol Operations Unit of Plymouth Township consists of road patrol Officers, including a motorcycle unit (2)and a Mountain Bike Unit (6). The patrol unit is staffed by fifteen police officers and four sergeants assigned to 2 different (days, nights ) 12 hour shifts. These shifts cover from 7:00 am - 7:00pm. 

The patrol division is the most visible to the community, as they are responsible for enforcing the criminal laws of the State and Township. The patrol division also provides traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and crime prevention activities. The men and women of the patrol unit respond to calls for service from the community and uphold the mission and vision statements this agency has established. The patrol division is also responsible for responding to and working with the residents, businesses and civic leaders of the community to build strong relationships that will enhance the quality of life we have come to know.
Significant events:

1. Plymouth Township has been awarded the TRAFFIC SAFETY AWARD
    presented by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, 3 years in a

2. Continued upgrades have been made to the Mobile computers allowing
    officers to obtain information faster. The number of other law
    enforcement agencies has grown building a larger data base of

3. Digital video cameras have been installed in the patrol vehicles keeping 
    the department in line with the current technologies available. 

4. Electronic ticket writing capability has been added to the patrol vehicles.