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Police reports typically take 3 working days to become available for release to the public.

Effective July 1st, 2012, the Plymouth Township Police Department will charge the following fees for services indicated below:

Accident Reports (UD-10 Form) $3.00
All Other Reports (two pages) $3.00
  (Each additional page $1.00)
Fingerprint Processing $5.00 per set (2)
Application and License to Purchase a pistol - Notary Fee $5.00
Freedom of Information Act Requests Clerk’s hourly rate = $XX.00/hour x total amount of hours spent consolidating information.
All Photographs $10.00 minimum, plus actual costs incurred for reproducing different sizes
  3 x 5 - $.45 each
  4 x 6 -  $.55 each
  5 x 7 -  $2.00 each
  8 x 10 -  $5.00 each
Copy of Video Tape/Voice Recording Tape $50.00
Computer Records Clearance Processing Fee $10.00(a)
New Liquor License Applications $200.00
Liquor License Transfers, Name Change or Investors $50.00(b)
One Day Liquor License $10.00
Impound Vehicle Auction Fee (on sale of vehicle) $75.00
Precious Gems Dealer Applications $50.00

(a) Includes, but not limited to: Private Investigator License, Firearms Dealer License, Private Security Guard License, Burglar Alarm Agency License, Vehicle Dealer License and State Board of Education Recipients, clearance letters for Visa’s, adoptions and employment.

(b) Must be a check or money order in the amount of $39.00 payable to the State of Michigan and $5.00 processing fee (payable to Plymouth Township.)

Alarm Fees/Fines
There is no registration fee. The alarm user shall be required to pay a fine for each false alarm in excess of three false alarms occurring within any one year period. The fine schedule is as follows:

1. First Two False Alarms - No Fine

2. Third False Alarm $50.00

3. Fourth False Alarm $100.00

4. Fifth False Alarm $200.00

5. Sixth False Alarm $300.00

6. Any False Alarm in excess of six $500.00