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Updated Guidelines for Recycling Cart Placement

Recycling Program Enhancements

Plymouth Township offers year round curbside recycling to our residents. All single family residences and multiple family residences that utilize our solid waste services should have a green 65 gallon recycle cart on the premises. If you do not, please call the Solid Waste Department, (734) 354-3270, so that you are able to participate in this important program.

Residences that use separate waste hauler services are also offered recycling options through the Township. Please call the department for more information.

Acceptable Items  Accepted Curbside

 Not Accepted

Glass (Clear, Green, Brown) Food and beverage containers such as jars, bottles, etc. PYREX, light bulbs, ceramics, porcelain, window glass, and mirrors Rinse container, remove lids, neck rings and foil liners. Labels may remain
Plastic Containers (All plastic containers labeled #1 thru #7) Milk and water jugs, laundry detergent bottles, Styrofoam food and beverage containers, etc. Motor Oil and
Antifreeze containers
Rinse container, remove lids, neck rings, flatten when possible
Plastic Bags Grocery/shopping bags, empty bread and vegetable bags   Place smaller bags inside larger, tie handles or top of bag and put inside cart
Newspapers, inserts, junk mail, office paper, magazines and telephone books   Plastic wrappers, self adhesive note paper, tissues, carbons
and paper towel
Place inside of cart
Corrugated Cardboard Moving boxes, large appliance boxes, etc. Wax-coated cardboard (i.e. frozen food boxes
and juice boxes)
Cut or fold boxes so that they will fit inside the 65 gallon recycling cart
Paperboard/Box board Cereal, pasta, 12-pack
beverage can boxes,
paper towel tubs, etc.
Wax-coated boxes (i.e.
frozen food boxes
and juice boxes,
pizza boxes)
Remove cellophane, liners and contents, fold flat, stack inside bin or place smaller, flattened boxes inside larger boxes
Aerosol Cans   Pesticide Containers, Ant
and Roach killers, etc.
Remove caps and spray tips an place EMPTY aerosol cans inside cart
Kitchen Cookware Metal pots, pans and utensils Ceramic and Pyrex Containers Place clean cookware inside cart