Township Update on Coronavirus

New protocols beginning Wednesday, November 18, 2020.


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The State has increased its COVID-19 restrictions effective Wednesday, November 18. These new orders have prompted the Township to adhere to the following protocols with respect to our employees and customers. This is effective Wednesday the 18th through December 9th or until/unless modified by the State:

• To limit exposure to staff and customers, the doors to Township Hall will be locked; visitors will need to set an appointment or call a number posted to the front door. You MUST wear a face mask and used the provided hand sanitizer when entering the building for your appointment. All staff members will follow COVD protocol as well. We urge you to conduct business with the Township online, by phone or email, or by using the drop boxes in front of Township Hall.

• The front door to the Police Station will be locked; visitors will be required to buzz in.

• Inspections for Building and/or Water will only be conducted in unoccupied houses; inspectors will not enter a house if someone is present.

• Friendship Station will be closed to the public except for staff; senior food service will continue.

• Senior Bus service will continue with reduced schedules, cleanliness guidelines, and per the state COVID regulations. Please contact Kim Boyce at 734-459-8888 for further details.

• Hilltop Golf Course will remain open with their current protocols in place, weather permitting.

• The Four-Seasons Pavilion is closed to the public; bathrooms at all pavilions will remain open per seasonal schedules.

Watch for notices on our website,, concerning upcoming meetings for the Board of Trustees and all other Boards and Commissions.

Police, Fire, 911, trash pickup and water/sewer services remain fully operational.

Again, for the latest information, please refer to our website for updates at

Also follow us on Facebook (Plymouth Township) for updates on any of the aforementioned items.

For daily inquiries, please contact our main number and follow the prompts for the proper departments: 734-453-3840.