Public Works Water Billing FAQ

What are the water rates in Plymouth Township?

Do I get any relief on sewer charges for watering my garden and lawn in the summer?

How often does Plymouth Township bill its customers?

Where do I call for water bill inquiries and where do I pay my bill?

Can I get my water bill electronically instead of through the mail?

I am a landlord and would like to receive copies of water bills that are sent to my tenants.

Why do I have a self-meter reading card in my mail?

Are there any other charges appearing on the water bill besides the water and sewer fee?

How do I get a "Final Water Bill?"

How do I get on or off the automatic payment plan?

Why did I get an estimated water bill?

What happens when my account is delinquent?

Is there a charge for converting a meter or to have one tested for accuracy?

When do you schedule appointments?

When I move to Plymouth Township, how do I get the water service turned on and put into my name?

What are my options for paying my water bill when out of town for a long period?

When should you check your inside meter and outside remote readings?

If I have an inside meter only with no outside reader, when should I read the white self-read meter card left on my door?