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To obtain a building permit you must call or visit the Building Department. You’ll be asked what you’re planning to do and where.

The code official will explain the code requirements and you’ll be presented with an application for a building permit.  You can also print an application from this website by clicking here.

When you submit the application, sketches or other documentation of the proposed work will have to be submitted for review. The majority of permit applications are processed with minimal delay.

If the application is approved, a permit is issued. If a permit is denied, you may need to correct code violations to ultimately receive a permit.

If you do not perform the work yourself, you must hire a licensed contractor to perform the work. The contractor is responsible for filing building permits related to your project.

You’ll be required to post the building permit in a window or other prominent place at the construction site.

Any proposed changes should be brought to the attention of the code official immediately. Changes require review and approval in the same manner as the original application.

Major phases of construction require inspection visits. The person responsible for each construction project must request the inspections. Normally 24 to 48 hours advance notice is required. The inspector issues a certificate of occupancy to mark the completion of a construction project. For more information about inspections, click here.

Your safety is of vital importance to us. Safety is the reason residents and builders need to seek building permits. No matter what the specific project is, code enforcement protects the public health, safety and welfare.

You also have an investment in the home or business you are about to build or remodel. When that home or business building does not comply with codes, your investment could be lowered. When building permits are filed and building codes followed, it encourages the enforcement of codes which have been adopted as laws by local, county or state governments.

You will need a building permit for work to install or repair fireplaces, pools, decks, fences, roofs, windows, hot water heaters and furnaces, plumbing, air conditioning units, sheds and other accessory buildings and for any home remodeling.

Not sure if a permit is required?

Call the Plymouth Township Building Department at 
(734) 354-3210
or visit us at 9955 N. Haggerty Road, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.