Tax Abatement

The Tax Abatement form is located in the Forms and Permits page of the website.


1. Original application signed by a company representative authorized to sign said document, with required backup materials, plus four (4) copies of the entire packet. Do not use binders, dividers or staples.

2. Letter describing company operations (be specific). Include present and future goals.

3. Legal description of the real property on which the facility is or will be located, including the property identification number, if known.

4. Complete list of new machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures that will be used in the facility. This list must include description, type, identification, and expected date of installation by month, day and year, and (expected) cost. Detail of machinery and equipment must match amount shown on page 1, question 8 of the application.

5a. List of existing machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures that will be replaced or renovated.

b. List of existing machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures that will continue to be used in the facility. The list shall include description, type, identification, year of acquisition and original cost. (Not applicable to a new facility or speculative building)

6. Provide proof of date construction started (groundbreaking). Re: building permit, footings inspection report (if available), certified statement or affidavit from contractor. Personal property only applications shall have attached a certified statement or affidavit as proof of the date personal property installation commenced.

7. Revenue Impact Analysis.

8. If applicable, provide a complete copy of lease agreement as executed, verifying lessee has ad valorem real and personal tax liability.

9. If applicable, provide copy of the certified resolution adopted by the local governing unit from which employment will be transferred.

10. If application for rehabilitation, provide a statement by the Assessor showing the taxable valuation of the plant rehabilitation district, separately stated for real property (excluding inventory) and personal property (excluding inventory) for the tax year immediately preceding the commencement of the rehabilitation.

11. Provide an Abatement Agreement as required by the State Tax Commission, per P.A. 334 of 1993. (Supplied by the Plymouth Township Clerk’s Office) In accordance with State Tax Commission Bulletin No. 3, dated January, 1998, the following statement is included in the Abatement Agreement "we (Township and Applicant) do swear and affirm by our signatures below that "no payment of any kind in excess of the fee allowed, as amended by Public Act 323 of 1996, has been made or promised in exchange for favorable consideration of an exemption certificate application".

12. Provide a copy of the Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy/billing, which displays the codes for each classification of worker, including a detailed description of company operations.

13. Application Fee: $1,500.00 application fee. Application Fee must be paid when the application packets are submitted to the Clerk’s Office. Fee for an Industrial Development District (IDD) request is $500.00 and must be paid when letter requesting the IDD is submitted to the Clerk’s Office.