Vote By Mail

Absentee Voter Ballot:   

The passage of Proposition 18-3 in November 2018 allows for all registered voters to request an absentee voter ballot without providing a reason.

All registered voters are eligible to be placed on a Permanent Absent Voter List, which means we will always send you an application to vote before every election. If you would like to be added to the permanent AV list and you are already a registered voter, we have forms that can be completed at the Clerk's Office; or you can also email the Clerk's office at

Applications to vote absentee are available approximately 6 weeks prior to an election from the Plymouth Township Clerk’s office in person or by phone (734-354-3223)

You may request to be placed on the township's permanent absent voter list. Being on the permanent absent voter list means that approximately 6 weeks prior to each election, you will automatically be mailed an Application for Absent Voter Ballot. If you are on the list to receive an application and do not receive it, please contact our office so that we may print and mail a new application to you.