Bus Policy for PLymouth Township Parks


No buses will be permitted within any park of the Township unless approval has been granted by Plymouth Township a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance. When considering a request the Township shall take into consideration the primary intended use of the passengers of said bus, the other uses at the time requested, and how said approval may negatively impact the capacity of the park or its individual facilities.

Can I ever bring a bus into the parks in Plymouth Township?

1. Prior to the end of the school year and after Labor Day:
Buses are allowed with the approval:
Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of desired date 
Requests must be made at:

Plymouth Township
Attn:  Sarah Visel
9955 N Haggerty Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170

• No fee is required

2. Third Monday in June through Labor Day:
Due to high usage of the SprayScape at Plymouth Township Park during this time bus requests where the primary intended use is to bring children to the SprayScape area of Plymouth Township Park will not be approved.

What is the definition of a bus?
The definition of a bus is any vehicle that can accommodate 8 or more passengers.

Can I drop the passengers and chaperones off at the Park entrance and return later to pick them up?
No. This policy was adopted to ensure the safety and tranquility of the park users. The overloading of the facilities in the park and in particular the SprayScape by the influx of buses and their inherent multiple passengers has a direct bearing on the safety and tranquility of the park users.

QUESTIONS @ 734-414-1459