Under Plymouth Township’s Sidewalk Ordinance (Chapter XI, Property Maintenance) , property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks adjacent to their property in good repair.   It is not the responsibility of the Township to repair sidewalks.

The Township may require a property owner to replace sidewalks as necessary and/or assess the cost for replacement if the property owner fails to replace the sidewalks upon notification. 

To assist residents, the Township may conduct a Sidewalk Inspection and Replacement Program for a specific geographic area. Under this scenario, sidewalks within a defined area (such as a neighborhood) are inspected by the Township and property owners are notified of needed repairs.  The Township has been divided into five (5) regions with the intent to repair all sidewalks within a five (5) year cycle.  Each year a region will be inspected and property owners notified within that region of any defects present.

The information regarding properties with sidewalks in need of repair and associated pictures are saved by the Township.  Location, defect information and photographs are available electronically, if requested. If more information is required by the property owner, please contact the Township’s engineering firm, Spalding-DeDecker, at (248) 844-6279 (voicemail hotline number) or at  Notification letters sent to homeowners include an estimated quantity and cost of replacements and indicate the time, date and location of a Public Hearing, which is conducted by the Board of Trustees. This Public Hearing is meant to hear your concerns and to begin the process of creating the assessment roll for your sidewalk repairs.

After the Public Hearing, property owners have 30 days to complete the sidewalk replacements on their own, pursuant to Township construction standards linked below. Once the sidewalk replacement by a private contractor or homeowner is completed, the property owner must notify the Township Engineer of completion to schedule a sidewalk inspection by the Township Engineer by emailing

For any questions regarding the permit application, please contact the Plymouth Township Engineers at the sidewalk email or hotline number listed. Once the sidewalk replacement by a private contractor is completed, the property owner must notify the Township Engineer of completion to schedule a sidewalk inspection by the Township Engineer.

Alternatively, property owners may allow the Township to make the replacements for the cost listed in the notification letter and/or approved at the Public Hearing. 

Typically, the Township uses a private contractor to do the replacements throughout the designated area which typically saves money for property owners and ensures a better outcome. 

Once the sidewalk construction is completed, the property owners will be assessed for the construction value and have the option for a five (5) year interest free loan from the Township to pay off the construction value.

For more information, please call the Township Engineer for the sidewalk program at (248) 844-6279 (voicemail hotline number) or email

Sample Sidewalk Repair Notification Letter

Sidewalk Construction Standards