Water Billing

Online Property Inquiry

IMPORTANT: Do not use water bill information for a final water bill. Costs are always pending but not yet billed on all accounts. Please complete a final water bill request for accurate billing.

The DPW reads the meters and processes the bills for mailing to our customers and answers water billing inquiries. For more information about your water bill, please visit the Treasurer's/Public Works Water Billing section of the website.

A note about Lawn Irrigation Systems:

If you have a home or business with a lawn irrigation system, please remember to winterize your system before the cold weather sets in. Late October or early November would be a good time to turn the water off and blow out the lines. Please remember to include the vacuum breaker. We get a dozen calls every year where a pipe froze, broke and water was running everywhere. This water goes through the meter and has to be billed.

Please contact your local plumber or irrigation specialist if you need assistance