Township Shows Strong Economic Performance

The U.S. isn’t the only economy showing strong signs of growth this month.  Plymouth Township’s economic outlook remains strong with new investment and future expansion on the way, according to a presentation to the Township Board on July 24.

“Thanks to the strong national and state economy, our outstanding location, a highly educated workforce, a pro-business climate and great schools, Plymouth Township is roaring in this great economy,” said Township Supervisor Kurt Heise.

Since January of 2017, six new commercial and industrial facilities have selected Plymouth Township, bringing more than $36 million in new construction.  Oerlikon, Auto Zone, Polytec, Monroe Bank & Trust, Quick Pass Car Wash, Adient, and Andover II are just some of the new projects.  

Other significant projects include Cygnet, Sequris Group, Terralogic, C&U Bearing, and Jier NA, representing millions in additional investment and more than 200 new jobs. 

New housing starts are also on the rise in the Township.  20 new single-family units have been approved since 2017, with 48 new, single-family cluster housing units in the works.   Even more residential development has recently been approved and is in the design phase, including new apartments at the Courthouse Grill site.  

In the past year, there has also been a sharp increase in commercial and industrial redevelopment.   No fewer than 95 existing businesses in the Township are expanding, improving and renovating their properties, representing an additional $42 million in construction investment.  Bidigare, Star Trucking, Burroughs, Rivian, and St. Kenneth Parish are some of the major projects investing heavily in the community.   

Loc Performance, a major defense contractor located in the Township, also recently announced an expansion that will create 200 new jobs.  They were awarded a half billion dollar federal contract last year.

Despite this positive news, challenges remain.  The Township is not immune from the nationwide downturn in big box stores and the K-Mart site at Ann Arbor Road and Haggerty remains vacant.  The current developer, Grand Sakwa, has submitted preliminary plans to the Township for a new retail development. 

One of the other main gateways to the Plymouth Community, the former Steak and Ale site at Ann Arbor Road and I-275, continues to be a challenge.  Unfortunately, a planned hotel deal for the location fell through earlier this year due to financing and ownership issues.

Despite these roadblocks, an exciting project underway this year is the reopening and repurposing of the historic Phoenix Mill site at Hines Drive and Northville Road.   Wayne County is working with a developer to renew the site as a destination dining and banquet facility in keeping with the historic Albert Kahn design.  

By far the largest long-term project for Plymouth Township is the Michigan International Technology Center (MITC), the development initiative for the Five Mile Road Corridor between Napier and Beck Roads in Plymouth and Northville.  

Plymouth Township recently signed a $3.55 million purchase agreement with Hillside Development to develop one of the largest parcels of the old DeHoCo Prison site.  The Township’s Brownfield Authority also approved a plan for the 50,000 square foot Verita facility at the western side of the old prison site.   Verita will invest more than $7 million and create 50 jobs at the site in its initial phase.  

“Whether it’s new housing options for empty-nesters, or multimillion corporations from Asia, Plymouth Township is a smart, nimble, and focused partner for economic development,” Supervisor Heise announced.

“It’s a great time to invest, expand, and thrive in Plymouth Township.”