Township Announces Updated Website and Smartphone App

Plymouth Township’s website and Smartphone application have a new look and feel, improving the customer experience, transparency, and providing more online services for residents.  

“The previous administration has us locked in to long-term contracts for both website and Smartphone app services,” said Township Supervisor Kurt Heise.  “The app in particular was not very interactive and was pretty limited in its scope and usefulness.”

Responding to citizen complaints and limited resident use of the app, changes were made within the scope of the existing service contracts at no cost to taxpayers.  The Township worked with vendors for both the website, and the “PT Link” app to improve their use and access, adding new graphics and improved pull-down index bars to the website, and updating information on every page.  

The PT Link in particular has additional tabs for paying bills online, contacting the Building Department, and linking to the Township’s Facebook page.  It also maintains the ability for users to make complaints to Township Hall regarding trash pickup, potholes and other issues which are fed directly to appropriate staff.

To access PT Link, go to the App Store for your particular Smartphone.  

“Many of these improvements were recommended by our Citizens Advisory Council and customer concerns,” Heise added.  “It was our goal to respond to these improvement requests within the scope of our existing contracts and without additional cost to the taxpayers, and we hope residents will appreciate them.”