Letter Regarding State-Mandated Cross Connection Inspections

We have become aware of a notice dated 4/30/2023 and sent to residents on the west side of the Township pertaining to testing requirements for your backflow prevention assembly(s) that was delivered to you late and, as a result, provided short notice for you to meet the cited testing due date of 6/15/2023.

We apologize for the delayed communication and are working with our professional services provider (HydroCorp) to ensure future mailings are sent in a timely manner.

Due to the delayed communication, the due date for testing your backflow prevention assembly(s) has been extended to 07/15/2023.
Please note Plymouth Township’s Residential Water Cross Connection Control Program, including periodic testing of residential backflow prevention assemblies, is required by the State of Michigan for the Township to maintain compliance under the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act (Public Act 399, Part 14).

This is a state and not a township mandate.

For years, the Township has had a program for commercial and industrial customers; however, in order to fully comply with the State mandate, the Township must now include residential customers.

The purpose of the program, as defined in the Plymouth Township Code of Ordinances Title V, Chapter 51, is to help prevent the possible contamination of the public water distribution system. For additional information regarding the program please visit the Township’s CCC webpage, https://watercustomer.com/plymouth-township.

Cross Connect Threat